Nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí

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zasíláme nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí:

1. v Rakousku:

URGENT call for EU candidates to volunteer at Community centre in Graz, starting in October. Apply to

2. v Itálii:

Volunteering opportunity in Italy for a 10-month period. Choose among one of the venues proposed: Brattirò di Drapia (Calabria), Mugnano (Campania), Sassari (Sardinia). If interested, check on the following link

For more information send an email to

3. v Portugalsku:

We are looking for partners!

Check-IN – Cooperation and Development is a non-profit organization based in Beja and operating from both Beja and Lisbon, Portugal – for over 10 years. We are a diverse team of youth professionals who are keen on creating youth mobilities and opportunities that bring people from all over Europe together. Our aim is to promote lifelong learning opportunities, to encourage and promote social integration, education for sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

We are looking to grow our network of partners by finding like-minded people and cooperating in different local and international initiatives and projects.

If you have a project and need a partner from Portugal, please email us through

We encourage you to visit our website and learn more about our work through:


4. v Rumunsku:

Searching for volunteers from EU countries for a 10 months project in Romania! Starting September 2020!

You want new exciting experiences?

You want to make a difference?

This may be your chance! This may be our chance! „Let’s build bridges! together we can!“

More details in link:…/1xf5rcEapSGbvQbnn0Mx…/view…

If you want to be part of our team, you can contact us on email:

5. ve Španělsku:




  • Venue: Málaga (Spain)
  • Start: OCTOBER 2020
  • End: SEPTEMBER 2021
  • Duration: 11 Months
  • Number of Vacancies: 2
  • Deadline to apply: 23rd SEPT 2020
  • Skype interview: 28TH SEPT
  • Countries: ONLY EU COUNTRIES as it is approved, and we do not have BUDGET AND TIME for VISA.

We will just take into consideration responsible, motivated, and passionate application forms!…/esc-principia-science-center/

6. ve Slovinsku:

URGENT! We look for 1 VOLUNTEER from any ESC program countries to take part in the LONG-TERM ESC VOLUNTEERING PROJECT in ŠKOFJA LOKA, SLOVENIA. Project activities already started, but there is still one placement available. Chosen volunteer will be involved in the work of DAY CARE CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH for 11 MONTHS, from AS SOON AS POSSIBLE until AUGUST 2021. As such he will have a unique opportunity to become an active member of local society, to develop hisskills and competencies in the field of youth work and also to discover Slovenia, its culture, nature, language, people, habits… Interested? More info:…/voukvouk/Infoletter-KiA-7-Slovenia

7. v Polsku:

 Urgent call for Czech volunteers  

The Schuman Foundation in Warsaw, Poland , is looking for volunteers to work with special-needs children.

The last two available spots are for a primary school with integrative classes and a kindergarten for visually impaired children.

The application deadline is the 17th of September 2020!

More info in the article on our website:

8. ve Francii:

Very cool and participative non-profit DIGITAL production Urban Prod in Marseille is seeking for 4 new volunteers to join their team for 2020-2021 year.

These 4 new volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) should be interested in meaningful audiovisual production, cultural and creative activities. 

Volunteering will start mid-October 2020.

The knowledge of basic French and audiovisual skills are an advantage! 

Application deadline: September 23rd, 2020

APPLICATION INFO is in the attached documents.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Arnaud Anquetil by mail: or the current ESC volunteer Kristina by mail:


Urban Prod recrute, pour un démarrage mi-octobre 2020, 
4 nouveaux volontaires du Corps Européen de Solidarité (ESC), intéressé.e.s par les pratiques audiovisuelles, la médiation numérique et les approches socio-culturelles.

La maîtrise de bases du français est un plus. Date limite de candidature : 23 septembre 2020

Vous pouvez également contacter Arnaud Anquetil :

S pozdravem

Eva Havlickova

Hodina H

+420 723 902 099

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