Nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí

Hezký den,
teď sice cestovat není možné, ale už teď můžete plánovat dobrovolnictví v zahraničí třeba na dny, kdy už snad bude lépe.
Podívejte se na nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí:

1. v Rakousku:

We have different projects in the social area (children, migrants, elderly, persons with disabilities…) planned to start from september 2020/january 2021 on in Upper Austria. Duration is between 10-12 months; you can find them also in the ESC projects database! As we have already volunteers from partner countries, we now look for applicants from EU member countries!

Details directly at

2. ve Velké Británii:!!!

9 long-term placements at UK Monkey Sanctuary starting October 2020 and February 2021Wild Futures‘ Monkey Sanctuary is a UK based charity located in beautiful Cornwall. The charity rescues and rehabilitates monkeys from the UK pet trade. We need volunteers all year round to help care for our ever growing number of residents. All of our placements are funded under the European Commission program, European Solidarity Corps. This means that your food, travel and accommodation are all free! You will even receive a small amount of pocket money each month!We currently have 9 long-term placements (12 months) in various departments.1 x Site and Sustainability (non-UK)- starts October
6 x Primate Care (3 UK and 3 non-UK)- start various times (October and December 2020/January and February 2021) 
1 x Admin (UK)- Start October1 x Volunteer Coordinator AssistantAll UK and non-UK volunteers must fall within a certain distance band, so please email to find out if you are eligible.For the Site and Sustainability volunteer, you will learn how to make and repair monkey enclosures, as well as maintain other buildings and equipment on-site. Any previous experience with carpentry or building would be useful.Primate Care volunteers will learn how to become an animal keeper; you will learn how to care for one species of primate we have on-site. No previous experience is needed but a good attitude for hard work is essential!The Admin role includes various tasks in the office which may include helping with adaption packs, fundraising, media, educations, and general office work. No experience is needed but you must be happy to speak clearly and confidently on the phone, to visiting public and university groups.The Volunteer coordinator assistant role is based on ensuring volunteers have an enjoyable and valuable experience with us. This will include teaching volunteers how to prepare food for the monkeys, how to clean the enclosures. You will also be responsible for ensuring the volunteers know exactly what they will be doing for the day and that they have all the tools they would need to complete tasks.All long-term volunteers will do one month of general volunteer work as a way of acclimatizing to the sanctuary. This will include learning how to prepare food for the monkeys, clean enclosures and creating enrichment items. Other site work includes gardening, painting or cleaning.The duration of the projects cannot be shortened, so please ensure you can commit to a year when you apply.All non-UK volunteer must have at least a level B1 in English to apply.For more information on specific projects and dates please email email for more information.

3. ve Španělsku:

Do you like to do a voluntary service in Spain (Catalonia, near Barcelona) you know what is korfbal? Imagine that you can combine korfbal and social volunteer activities:) !It is your opportunity, write to us, and propouse your candidature for be part of our project. From setember 2020 to august of  2021.

4. ve Francii:

6 EVS Opportunities in France – Bretagne – Deadline for Application – 26th of May ! – EVS Starting in sept.

More infos in our website :

5. v Polsku:

olunteering, is it worth it? // Season 2020/2021 // Round 2We are looking for motivated European Solidarity Corps volunteers for next season in Poland! 😊-Where? Kwidzyn, Poland-When? September – November 2020 for 12 months.- Check all the information here: for application: 20th of May 2020,Note: Before you apply – please read infopack and send us required documents! Good luck!

6. v Itálii:


We are looking for volunteers for our association.
Now more than ever is when we need the spirit of solidarity to grow. Dare to experience a great adventure.
The volunteers will support the activities of the Association Vicolocorto, like for example:

  • Promotional activities about ESC projects and other mobility opportunities.
  • Take part to English Conversation Workshops (Talk Together)
  • School workshops.
  • Homework Support.
  • Children Summer Camps.
  • Use media.

For more information:
7. v Litvě:

Volunteering in Scout valley – never gets boring. Looking for a team of 3, starting September/October 2020 for 11-12 months. 

You don’t need to be a scout to apply!

Eva Havlickova
Hodina H
+420 723 902 099

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