Nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí

Hezký den,
teď sice cestovat není možné, ale už teď můžete plánovat dobrovolnictví v zahraničí třeba na dny, kdy už snad bude lépe.
Podívejte se na nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí:
1. v Bulharsku:

If you want to have a challenging experience in a small lovely village in Bulgaria, this is your project 😊

The project is into:

– Sustainable gardening;

– Zero waste lifestyle; 

– Community center and Ethnographic museum activities;

– Alternative school; 

– Be open minded and change people minds.

To know more about what we do in the project, check the updates at:

Project info here:
2. v Polsku:We are looking for volunteers‼️ 🤩🤩🤩
We are currently searching for candidates to accepted European Solidarity Corps 🇪🇺 project:
✅ INTERgenerations…/intergeneration-we-are-looking-for-…/ 
📆 Duration: 10 months
🔵 Start: September 2020
🇵🇱 Place: Kraków, Giebułtów or Waganowice, Poland
📍 Obligatory application form 👉👉👉
We will contact only with chosen candidates ☺️. 
3. v Chorvatsku:📢 We are looking for 4 volunteers 🇪🇺European residents 🇪🇺 that are willing to spend 11 months in Zagreb 🇭🇷 starting from 3th of September 2020.You will have an opportunity to participate in the project „Bringing solidarity to capoeira community“. Note: you don’t have to be Eddy Gordo 🤸‍♂️😄Apply on the link below ⬇️ more information contact us via e-mail:
4. v Belgii:

💚Hello all💚

Catapa is looking for 2 ESC volunteers from September for a period of 12 months! Catapa is an environmental organization based in Belgium that focused on the social and environmental impacts of mining, specially in Latin America. We are looking for a person for Communications and a person for Education and Campaigning. All the important information of the vacancies and how to apply 👇.
5. ve Španělsku:Do you like to do a voluntary service in Spain (Catalonia, near Barcelona) you know what is korfbal? Imagine that you can combine korfbal and social volunteer activities:) !It is your opportunity, write to us, and propouse your candidature for be part of our project. From setember 2020 to august of  2021.
6. ve Francii:

[ESC opportunities in Lorient, FRANCE] 🤩

Bonjour ! We are looking for 4 volunteers to carry out volunteering project in Lorient. 

➡️Youth information and media in a youth center

(15th september 2020-15th june 2021)

➡ESC in St Louis High-School 

(1st september 2020-30th june 2021)

➡️ESC in La Paix High School 

(1st october 2020-30th june 2021)

➡️ESC in St Joseph High School and St Christophe primary school

(15th september 2020- 6th july 2021)

Detailed information and application forms available on our website :…

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